Wednesday, December 28, 2011


What I did today!

In the library this morning, I picked up a biography of Dr. Seuss. This (of course) started me thinking about reading lessons.
I just finished posting my newest DonorsChoose project for books written by Dr. Seuss! Since a number of his books are more than just silly story books, I realized that I could use them to expand my reading lessons into other areas. It is awaiting approval from the DonorsChoose elves. (They are finished with Christmas, so the elves work their normal year round job at DonorsChoose!)

Also today, I finished my lesson plans for Foreign terms and began my lessons on propaganda devices.

I managed to get out to the bank and the salon (to have my hair trimmed). I also ate lunch at my favorite local restaurant!

Otherwise it has been a quiet day here in the Carrabba household.

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