Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Treadle Sewing Machine

My Singer Treadle Sewing Machine has been sitting on the sidelines for far too long. Tonight, I decided to get the new belt on it and figure out how to use it!
While Vince was getting the tools necessary to cut and attach the belt, I looked up the model and age on-line.
According to the Singer site, this machine was made on November 30, 1917 and is a model 127.
It, along with all of my other singers, is from the Elizabethport factory in NJ. Cool.

The manual that was with the machine was for a model 66 treadle. There could be a problem here!!

Unfortunately, the book does not match the machine! As you can see, the model 66 has a drop in bobbin with a bobbin case.

My machine does not have a bobbin case or bobbin!

My machine comes with these items:

So, it appears I have a machine that has a vibrating shuttle and bobbin. So, I was back on-line to find out how to work this! I found that the model 127 came with a vibrating shuttle and bobbin and I was able to download the manual from the Singer site.

Now, I am back to work!

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