Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Buy American?

With the holidays upon us, some people share the holiday spirit by sharing gifts with family and friends. Why not buy only American Made Products? It is your choice as a consumer.

Handmade, or not, buying products made by Americans will help to support our country. Money spent on American made products help to provide jobs for Americans.

According to,

"Dollars spent on American-made products stay in America and that helps all of us. Patriotic Spending protects stable, quality jobs for Americans. The money they earn comes back to us again when they choose wisely by exercising Patriotic Spending. When the combined buying power of the American consumer is used to purchase American products, those dollars stay within our own system. We call this "Recycling Dollars" and it's a concept that can make our economy strong again.

The power of change is in our wallets.

We are in control of our Country's future every time we make a purchase.

Choose wisely!

You can also check out for handmade gifts. Also remember to check out local craft shows and fairs. Many church groups, schools and sometimes even hospitals host creative crafters showcasing their products.

Buy local and buy American!

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