Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner! We celebrated a day early, on Wednesday, due to everyone's schedules working out best for that day! It was wonderful to have my family around the table enjoying a traditional meal. As we did last year, Rob and I prepared as much as we possibly could on Tuesday so that Wednesday was a 'light kitchen duty' day. The turkey was tender and juicy, with the meat falling off the bones. Even with making double the amount of stuffing, there was not much left over (and I LOVE leftover stuffing!). Even eating turkey leftovers yesterday was fun. Vince did the warming up while I sat and watched old movies and quilted.

Today is Buy Nothing Day! Normally, I would stay at home, avoiding the stores like the plague. I do not buy much at the holidays anyway, but especially today! However, my mother-in-law wants to go out to the craft store to buy some holiday items and I am accompanying her! I have no intention of buying anything. I will bring along my fabric tote bags and prevent her from bringing more plastic bags into the house. (I think she has added at least a dozen to my pantry bag box since her arrival--mind you it was empty of plastic grocery sacks before her arrival!)
I will not have achieved my goals of avoiding driving, turning off the computer and other non-essential electronics or avoiding the stores today.

I do rest comfortably knowing that I am doing my part to reduce consumption on a daily basis by turning off my appliances, not driving my vehicle every day, and not buying everything brand new if I truly need something.

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Margaret T. Zenk said...

I recently made a new rule that everytime something new comes into the house, we have to get rid of something else. Clothes especially. It feels great to give stuff away but even better to not buy it in the first place. With the economy the way it is, I am trying to get my kids to understand that they can get by with less. Otherwise I feel like my house is sinking into the earth. As a quilter, I've forced myself to dip into my stash to make TRUE scrap quilts. So many books that I have call for scraps, but they really encourage you to go out and BUY scraps. A joke!
Love your blog!
Margaret Zenk