Friday, February 20, 2015

Snow WEEK!

Here in Chester County, Tennessee, we have 10 snow days built into our school calendar.  I always thought that was excessive given that we rarely get snow here and when we do, it rarely hangs around.  I did not consider the fact that when we get snow, or ice, our back roads are impassable.  The school buses cannot safely negotiate those roads and thus it is safer for all to close schools. 

Back yard view--pond over on the right,
mostly covered with snow!

The side yard
So, here I am, on the Friday of our Snow Week!  Initially, I had high hopes of being very productive this week.  Then I hit the snag in my Principalship  class.  I originally thought that I understood what I needed to do for my proposal assignment and then when I reviewed the material again, I thought I was off track.  ARGH!  I finally contacted my professor and clarified what I was supposed to focus on.  I was right initially!  (YAY)   Now, the proposal is finished and submitted.  My reflection for that class is also finished.  I have finished my opinion paper for my other class on Data. 


The Icicle!

Once I finished my classwork, I decided it was time to tackle the pile of quilt projects I have.  So, I basted two quilt tops.
Two basted quilts

 I laid out the Japanese panel quilt for basting. 

Japanese floral panel

I also got inspired to make the 1600 quilt top.  It is made from a jelly roll of fabrics called Elementary by Moda.  It was crazy easy to make and I love the look!  I am going to back it with a brown fabric I have with Monkeys on it.  It will be called 1600 Elementary Monkeys!  

1600 quilt top! 

Reagan has been my constant companion this entire week.  She follows me around everywhere I go!  She is a wonderful dog and daily I am thankful that we adopted her.  

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