Friday, May 30, 2014

Vacation of a lifetime!

Today began our "vacation of a lifetime".  Vince and I have been planning this vacation for months.  Actually Vince did the research, planning, and most of the decision making.  I was just an added opinion at times so I could be included.  The credit belongs entirely to Vince for this trip.

We began with a 4:30 AM wake up on Thursday so that we could get to the Memphis Airport to catch a 8:19AM flight to Los Angeles.  From LA, we would catch a flight to San Francisco, lay over for four hours and the catch a flight to Honolulu.

Well, the best laid plans can hit speed bumps.

Our flight out of Memphis was delayed almost two Hours!   We actually sat on the plane while the maintenance crew did repairs on the landing gear sensors.   Therefore, we missed our connecting flight to San Francisco.  Fortunately, Delta was exceptionally helpful and rebooked us onto another flight.  That one was a direct flight from LA to Honolulu!

We actually arrived three hours earlier than originally planned.

Unfortunately, Vince's suitcase did not make the flight change so we are awaiting its arrival.

We are staying at the Hale Koa hotel in Wakiki; our room has a lovely view of the Pacific Ocean!The hotel is very nice, with several restaurants and entertainment right on the premises.  The beach is a short walk from our room. 

We were able to walk the beach and gaze at the ocean view before hunger drove us to eat and fatigue drove us to sleep!

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