Saturday, July 14, 2012

the 600. After the Vacation!

Our Birthday Adventure was fabulous!  Cat and I had a wonderful time, even with the incredible heat. 
I did make some purchases as gifts for my friends and family.  Of course, a few for me as well!  So, here is the status on the purge of 600 items!

Today, I gave away this styrofoam box. A very reliable freecycler named Richard is now the proud owner of this box.  It was originally used to ship something here (I have no memory of what!) and we saved it thinking we might have a use for it.  NOT.  So, it is now gone. 

I have been purging my books yet again.  I listed several on, and offered several to my fellow teacher Beverly. Beverly is now the proud owner of Millions to Measure, The Great Divide and Full House.  All fantastic math related story books that can be utilized with fun lessons in the classroom.  I know that Beverly will put these to good use.  She does not know it yet, but she will be receiving Mummy Math, Maps and globes and The Best of Times. 

I have also given Beverly my Tree.  I created this tree from Matte board.  It was used in a writing project in the beginning of the school year. The white squares are velcro where I attached Leaves with the students' names on them.  The writing assignment was entitled "I'm turning over a new leaf" and focused on what changes they were going to make in the new school year. 

Today,  I sold a book on  Photo courtesy of! 

Total given away:  419
Total received:        46
total remaining:       227

Getting there! 

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