Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Productive or not?

Perhaps being home is not good for me. 

This morning, I started off with breakfast and a good book.  I wanted to finish it to see if the bad guys were caught.  I felt like I was being too lazy, so I went downstairs to clean my studio. 

There, I found the broken crayons I wanted to make into a jumbo crayon for Tony.  I went into the studio closet to get the wax melting tools.  Once there, I discovered the candle jars with the remnants of candle wax in the bottom.  I wanted to get those candle jars out of there, so they needed to be cleaned.  Since I was already melting wax for crayons, why not make a candle or two? 

It takes time for wax to melt, so I peeled all of the crayons.  (The wrappers will be composted)  Now, I have two candles cooling, along with the jumbo crayon. 

Then I remembered I needed to clean the bird cage.   I washed the cage bottom, changed the paper, vacuumed the floor and got that task completed. 

While there, I wrapped up the plastic bands that I am saving for a future project, and took them downstairs to the studio. HMM---didn't I start there? 

One the way, I passed the vacuum and the pile of photo albums.  A task and a project. 

I vacuumed and while doing that remembered I wanted to clean out the storage closet to check for mildew ( bit of a water problem under the house previously). 

So, I bounce around from project to project, activity to activity.  I wonder if I will actually finish anything else today. 

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