Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The 600

Vince announced today that he was taking his weight bench and weights to work. He plans to put them in the hanger for everyone to use. At first, I was not going to count them in the 600, but he said that he doubts they will return to the house. So, they count in the purge! I know the picture is weird, but I took it after he loaded everything in the back of the truck. The total removed is 18 items!

However, with the purchase of a new dress for the wedding, new shoes and some skirts for summer, I added several items. I did purge a pair of shoes that will go to Soles 4 Souls.

total purged: 110
Total added: 12
total remaining to purge: 502

The YARD SALE is this Saturday, so I will be posting photos and counting items on Saturday!

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