Monday, September 20, 2010

Ancient Egypt and our Donors Choose Projects

Sounds like a weird combination of topics, I know. I am using the Ancient Egypt project as an opportunity for students to use all of the materials from both projects.

We have the standing desk assembled and the students used it for the first time today. Our stools are ready to go and I just need to adjust the table for their use. The two boys who used the standing desk today really liked it!

The students begin their Ancient Egypt project this week and will be doing research and working on a written paper as well as a visual model or PowerPoint. Students who work on their projects in class using computers will be able to save their work to the new flash drives to protect them and bring them to be reviewed and printed. I realized that flash drives are a hard item for students to be excited about, so incorporating them into our research project will enable the students to see their worth.

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