Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One Week Down!

Well folks, we have made it through the first week of school. Yes, school here in Tennessee started on August 3rd with a short but sweet half day that permitted the teachers and students to get use to each other.

I have an absolutely fantastic group of 23 students in my home room class and another absolutely fantastic group of 23 students in my team class. Since I teach primarily Math and History, I get to experience two groups of 6th graders every year.

For the most part, they are well behaved, smart and funny. I have enjoyed each day of the past 6 days of school.

We have encountered the typical issues for the beginning of 6th grade: not remembering which books to bring to class, not remembering pencils or binders or paper, not doing homework, doing homework but not remembering to bring it to school, not listening to directions or reading the directions and doing the quiz wrong (which requires them to re-do the assignment), not using pencil in math, using their index cards (Which are intended to become flash cards for studying vocabulary words) to write their vocabulary words and definitions five times each, not knowing how to multiply or divide, not knowing how to add and subtract large numbers, etc.

At the same time we have encountered these issues: fun and laughter, jokes, stories from summer vacation, cartoon drawings, entertaining journal assignments, smiles in the morning, "have a great afternoon, Mrs. Carrabba" as they leave the room at the end of the day, hugs.

I love teaching. I am so thankful that I found my way into this profession. I never thought that this was part of my destiny, but here I am.

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