Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well, this is a cool way to upcycle something!

While I am sure there are other creative individuals out there doing this or similar activities, I just wanted to comment on this one today.

I subscribe to the Ideal Bite which provides information about how to be 'greener'. Usually what I dislike is that they will promote the purchasing of 'green' products. Now, I know that if I had to buy something to replace a completely worn out item, I would buy used or upcycled items. I just don't believe that every 'green' product marketed is necessary.

Okay, that said, onto today's Ideal Bite! Belts. Everyone needs a belt and if I had to replace mine, I love the idea of one that use to be something else! This company, Alchemy Goods, is based in Seattle. Their slogan is "turning useless into useful"! They make belts, wallets, bags, purses and other items out of old bike inner tubes and old seatbelts. Cool, huh?

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