Monday, July 20, 2009

Together we can do this!

Okay folks, together we can get this DonorsChoose project funded! I have been thinking on this and with Cat thinking along the same lines as I, I guess that is the 'sign' I was looking for!

I really, really, really want this classroom project to be funded, because I really, really, really want to have a document camera for my classroom this year.

For detailed information on this project, check it out at

With this camera, I would be able to use math manipulatives as part of Math lessons. Manipulatives are used to demonstrate math concepts for the students. I would be able to demonstrate with these tools on a flat surface, with the camera projecting my work onto the BIG WHITE SCREEN at the front of the classroom. Every student would be able to see the demonstration easily.

I would be able to read a story to the class, showing them the pictures and text while I am reading, and everyone will be able to see the book easily as it would be projected onto the BIG WHITE SCREEN at the front of the clasroom.

I would be able to demonstrate various map skills for the students, while they are looking at their own copies of the maps.

I would be able to to demonstrate how to fold papers for various foldable projects we do in class.

I can share artifacts with the class without having to spend time passing it around the room, or walking it from student to student.

This camera is not only a wonderful piece of technology that would enhance the classroom learning, but it is a time saving tool as well.

I have already pledged to give all of the money I make in sales from and etsy.

Now, I pledge to match, dollar for dollar, any donations made by individuals between now and Friday of this week.

I encourage you to donate any amount, even one dollar. Do you need a gift for a relative? Make a donation in their name! Check with friends and co-workers, perhaps they are willing to forego their $5.00 coffee for one day and give to a good educational cause. Check with your they have a matching gift program?


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