Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Vanilla Extract

A while ago, my sister sent me information on how to make vanilla extract. I saved the blog entry, but made no further progress.
Eventually, I did purchase 30 vanilla beans on Ebay (I actually received 31!) for $9.99.

Last week at the commissary, I purchased the Military Special Vodka for $8.57 for one liter.

Today, I 'cooked' up my extract after reading through additional information on the instructables site.

I sliced my beans lengthwise and filled my jar with vodka, stuck in the beans and made sure all of the beans were covered with vodka. Then I put on the lid, shook it well and marveled at how the caviar (the stuff inside the bean pods) swirled around the beans.

Instructables gave detailed instructions on scraping out the caviar and cutting up the bean pods, but I elected to combine their instructions with Bethany's on her blog.

We shall see what happens in a few weeks!

In total, I spent $18.65, and I have made5 cups of extract. According to Amazon.com, 8 ounces of McCormick's pure vanilla extract is $18.03.

So, I think in the cost category, I am ahead of the game.


The Green Cat said...

I don't even want to think about what "Military Special" vodka tastes like. Probably great for making extract but I'm sure some folks are drinking that stuff too! Yick!

CC said...

Yeah, I really thought over the purchase before I made it, but figured that it would be good for making extract! We shall see!!