Sunday, March 8, 2009

One more item kept from those landfills!

Terracycle is at it again!
I signed on to check my drink pouch status, and found that they are ready to start collecting CHIP BAGS!
Every week, the students in my class have snack day, where they consume a variety of Frito-Lay chip products. Now, we can upcycle these bags into something else.
While I would prefer to reduce or eliminate the need for these bags, I understand that these students are not going to give up their snacks! Thus showing them that upcycling these previously disposed of items will increase their awareness. They are very keen on giving me drink pouches and cookie wrappers so I am very sure they will be keen on giving me their chip bags!

The drink pouch brigade has been running much more smoothly as of late and I only have another 2,000 drink pouches in my studio that are awaiting their turn to be sent to Terracycle. I mentioned to my students that after Spring Break I will begin collecting bags again, but that I would only accept rinsed out bags. (I just KNOW that they have been stockpiling the pouches since December and that the pouches will be moldy and smelly! If they have been opened and rinsed, they will not have that problem!)

That way, I can continue to ship out pouches over the summer and keep up the recycling efforts I have already started!

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The Green Cat said...

This is great but remember to tell your students that just because this packaging CAN be upcycled does not mean they should increase their consumption of these products. I know change is hard to encourage at that age, but if they are willing to switch even one snack a week to something without packaging or with reusable packaging, that would be even better.

I'm proud of you for bringing the ideas of upcycling and recycling into their world, though, Sis. Keep at it!